This price guide is for oil paintings on a masonite board specially-primed with an 18th Century formula that allows for exquisite detail and luminosity. The following estimates are based on one pet with the artist’s choice of background. If you live within a 50-mile radius, at least one visit is advised.

At that time, I will photograph your pet and meet with you to discuss details.   If you would like to commission a portrait, a 50% deposit is required for the painting to begin. The balance of payment due is required upon delivery of the painting; a Connecticut state sales tax is added to each purchase for all Connecticut residents.

8″ x 8″ ,Round or Square Canvas $700.00

11″ x 14″ Rectangle with Landscape $1,000.00 and up

16″ x 20″ Rectangle with Landsape $1,500.00 and up

Madeline Falk
Fine Animal Portraits
Norfolk, CT 06058
Tel: 860-248-1267


3 Responses to “Portrait Commission”

  1. Celeste Menard Says:

    Here are my poems…

    The Life I Love
    By: Celeste Menard

    I am from snoring dogs, Sunny, Guinness, and Caleb
    Who sleep by the fire all day.
    I am from running through the woods,
    With Caleb at my side.

    I am from a non-fighting family,
    That loves each other dearly.
    I am from family dinners at home
    Where the conversation is full of laughter.
    Ha! Ha! Ha!

    I am from the vast lakes of Cape Cod
    That swallow me whole when I swim.
    I am from the Cape Cod air
    That tastes and smells like sea salt.

    I am from heart attacks and cancer
    From aunts, cousins, and grandfathers that have passed away.
    I am from a big family
    (Most people are from my dad’s side.)

    I am from Sharon and Howie
    Who encourage me to pursue my dreams.
    I am from a younger brother and sister
    Who annoy me so much,
    But I still love them.

    I am from snoring dogs, Sunny, Guinness, and Caleb
    Who sleep by the fire all day.
    I am from running through the woods,
    With Caleb at my side.

    By: Celeste Menard
    Age 12

    Dogs are elegant creatures
    Created by god.
    If man kind treats them wrong
    Dogs will be dangerous.
    Teach your dog to be good by
    Treating them with kindness
    And respect,
    If you do that they will love you forever.

    And this is why I say, “Be kind to your dog everyday!”

  2. jeff Says:

    Hello Madeline,
    Just found your site, very nice work.
    I was a student of Frank’s back in the 80’s.
    I have a question, did you make your box?


  3. Lee Klingenberg Says:

    Dear Madeline,
    I too just came across your work and am quite impressed! Count me as a fan of your skills as an animal portrait painter. I’ve always worked in watercolor, primarily landscapes, and recently ventured into your world of dog portraiture. Keep up the fine work!
    Best regards,

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